Monday, 11 October 2010

Avacado baby

Ben tasted some avacado yesterday. I was having it for my lunch and as he was in the sling I thought I would try him with some as I know it is a favourite with babies. It was too slippery for him to hold, and he kept dropping it, so I mashed some with a fork and fed him with a baby spoon. All in all he took about three teaspoons worth, which I think is a good start. He was in the sling all the time and had hold of the spoon most of the time. He kept trying to put it into his mouth and I helped him with that, just taking it off him to reload. I didn't let him have too much in his mouth at any one time. He did look a little surprised when he swallowed the first couple of times but seemed to enjoy it. I took the cue from him to stop when it didn't look like he was enjoying it anymore.

Ben is six months tomorrow. So I will be giving him more and more tastes and foods to eat from now on. As I said in my first entry in this blog, I am not going to worry about mealtimes and getting him on to three meals a day in a high chair asap. I want to do it more gradually, fitting him in with family meal times. Sometimes I'll try him with something, sometimes I will not. Tonight I plan to do jacket potatoes, so I will try him with some mashed potato and we'll see how that goes.

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