Sunday, 21 November 2010

See for yourselves

Ben has reached a bit of a plateau with his foods. If he is awake he sits in his high chair at our mealtimes and has the same food, mostly what he can pick up with his fingers. Some things I put to his mouth with my fingers (rice, peas), and yogurts I feed to him with a spoon. I thought you might like to see what he is up to:

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

First foods

I can't believe how the time is flying. Ben is now six and a half months. What has he been eating since the last post? After the avacado he liked a bit of banana but not potato or bread. He didn't seem to enjoy or be interested in the foods. So I left it for almost another week, giving him tastes every now and then. About ten days ago he became more intersted and started taking more food.

Below is an example of a few days, but it is an example of the foods we have given him - not what he has actually eaten. Mostly it was adapted from what I was eating

Day A
Breakfast - banana (about a third, sliced into long quarters to fit in his hand)
Lunch - bread fingers, cucumber fingers (cut into hand sized pieces, with no skin), cheese fingers (thinner than the cucumber)
Dinner - rice, carrots (julienne)

Day B
B - yogurt
L - toast fingers, apple pieces
D - pasta (large to fit in his hands), pieces of tomato, cucumber fingers, chocolate cake

Day C
B croisant (end of mine)
L banana, grated cheese
D - broccoli, peas, potato (a few spoonfuls I dipped in gravy), apple puree

Day D
B nothing - asleep and got to get to school
L fahita, cucumber, yogurt
D - potato (part of my jacket pot), grated cheese, sweetcorn, icecream

The only things feed to him by spoon are yogurt, apple puree pots and potato (with some of the potato on his tray for him to eat and play with. He is not eating huge quantities, for example, half a yogurt pot. I am not doing anything special, just feeding him family food. I am not worrying about quantity either, just giving him a range of tastes. When we had lasagne I gave him a taste. I am enjoying this chilled out approach to weaning and thoroughly recommend it.